Production Basic 8653 - ESD Turntable - 17" Dia

Item #: 8653-P024

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Production Basics Inc

The Production Basic 8653 ESD Turntable has a 250 lb weight capacity and perfect for use with any bench. This unit will help operators and reduce strain by allowing the the items placed on this table to be turned and view all the way around the object. The 8653 and mat measures within the static dissipative range of 107 to 109.

Benefits & Features of the Production Basic 8653 ESD Turntable:

  • Helps operators reduce strain
  • Perfect for a variety of applications

ESD Turntable - 17" Diameter 1.5" H - Gray

Item Specifications

  • Benchtop Organization Accessories
  • ESD-Safe
  • Production Basic
  • 10 lbs per EA

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