Hakko 908-CK - Soldering Iron Conversion Kit - From Hakko 907 to Hakko 908

Item #: 908-CK-H001

Product Info

American Hakko Products Inc

The Hakko 908-CK Conversion Kit converts any Hakko 907 Soldering Iron that uses medium mass (900M) tips into a Hakko 908 Soldering Iron that uses large mass (900L) tips.

Included with the Hakko 908-CK Soldering Iron Conversion Kit:

  • 900L-T-3.2D Large Mass Tip
  • B1787 Enclosure
  • B1794 Enclosure Nut
  • B2033 Nipple

KIT,CONV,907 TO 908

Item Specifications

  • Barrel Nuts, Nozzle and Tip Enclosures
  • 0.6 lbs per EA

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