Simco 91-FMX-004 (4016228) - FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter - 9V - 4.875" x 2.875" x 1"

Item #: 91-FMX-004-I051

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Simco-Ion Technology Group

The Simco 91-FMX-004 FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter is a pocket-sized compact, light-weight handheld electrostatic field meter that is easy to read in all lighting environments and comes with a conductive case and ground snap to facilitate grounding for accurate measurement. It's used to locate and measure both positive and negative polarity charges within ± 30kV (30,000 V) at a distance of 1". After the measurements are taken, it will display the results simultaneously in numerical and bar graph formats. This portable and light electrostatic meter has a 4 button operation (Power on/off, Zero adjustment, Mode, and Hold) with two LED guide lights that help position the field meter at the right distance from a charged test object. Along with those features this unit also has distance ranging lights and an audible alarm feature. The Simco 91-FMX-004 FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter's hold button allows the display to retain the static charge and is useful when the display is difficult to see during measurement.

The Simco FMX-004 circuitry has been designed to make measurements in areas using air ionization and is battered power with an auto shut-off feature, which extends battery life and makes this unit energy efficient. This convenient and easy-to-use meter ensures accurate distancing and measurements and signals to a chart recorder or other device for hard copy documentation of static levels. There is an analog output (cable with bracket sold separately please see accessories tab), which allows for the user to feed an output signal to a PLC, data acquisition card, data logger, chart reader, or other device. Please note that the cable with mounting bracket is NOT included (please see accessories tab above).

As for maintenance the Simco FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter like most measurement devices will need calibration from time to time for optimal performance. Simco recommends re-calibrating the FMX-004 once a year and if needed Simco-Ion offers a re-calibration service that includes a certificate with or without data. For more information please contact us or call 800-966-6020.

Electrostatic Fieldmeter Model FMX-004

Item Specifications

  • Static Locators and Electrostatic Field Meters
  • 0.375 lbs per EA

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