SCS 963E Benchtop Air Ionizer - 2-Speed Fan - 120V

SCS 963E Benchtop Air Ionizer - 2-Speed Fan - 120V
Item #: 963E-S036

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SCS, A Division Desco Industries, Inc

The SCS 963E Benchtop Air Ionizer is used to eliminates the build up of potentially damaging static charges. It is primarily used to control static charge on nonconductive materials. Ionized air can neutralize static charges on circuit board substrates, insulating tapes and plastic objects found in the work area. Some key features of the SCS (3M) 963E Benchtop Air Ionizer are the two-speed fan, power indicator lamp, and static-dissipative plastic housing. When using the low speed fan setting it does not disturb paper or delicate parts and is extremely quite. The high-speed fan setting can be used for more rapid neutralization of static charges in environments where faster decay rates are required.

Benefits & Features of the SCS 963E Benchtop Air Ionizer 2-Speed Fan:

  • Two-speed fan
  • Extremely quiet at low speed
  • Power indicator lamp
  • Static-dissipative plastic housing
  • Metal-plastic stand that can also double as a mounting bracket
  • Neutralizes static charges on nonconductive objects
  • Maintains equal balance of positive-negative ions
  • UL, C-UL, CE, NOM certification


Ionized Air Blower 120VAC With North American Power Cord

Item Specifications

  • Benchtop Air Ionizers
  • 5 lbs per EA

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