SCS 980E - Ionized Air Gun - European - 230V

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SCS, A Division Desco Industries, Inc

The SCS 980E Ionized Air Gun - 230V is a vital tool for neutralizing static charges that can hold particulates to a surface. This Ionized Air Gun gives a constant balance of ionized air and it never needs to be adjusted. Compact and lightweight, the SCS (3M) 980E Ionized Air Gun connects to any supply of clean, dry air or nitrogen, and an internal disposable filter collects particles from the air supply. The air delivery system should utilize a refrigerated dryer or equivalent water removal system to achieve an upper limit of 550 ppm water vapor at 35°F dew point. To prevent particulates from entering the air gun console, a 2 micron coalescing filter or better should be used upstream. The electrical feed from the console to the gun is incorporated into the light, flexible air hose. The gun itself is very lightweight and ergonomically designed for long-term user comfort and efficient operation. The console, gun, and air hose are all Static Dissipative and ESD-safe. An extremely low EMI level minimizes any chance that the 980 might interfere with other electronic equipment or operations.

Ionized Air Gun -European 230V

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  • Ionizing Air Guns
  • ESD-Safe
  • 4.38 lbs per EA

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