Xcelite 99PS40BP - Series 99 Compact Ballpoint Allen Hex Socket Type Screwdriver Set - Clear Plastic

Item #: 99PS40BP-C010

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The Xcelite 99PS40BP Series 99® Compact Ballpoint Allen® Hex Socket Type Screwdriver Set provides an 11-piece tool set with unique ballpoint tips that are perfect for tightening and removing Allen socket screws from hard areas. The ends of each blade are precision-machined to close tolerances to help slip easily into sockets and hold securely without reaming. The 99PS40BP features 9 blades, an extension piece, and a regular handle in a plastic see-through stand-up case.

Compact Ballpoint Allen Hex Socket Screwdriver Set - 11pc

Item Specifications

  • Xcelite
  • Series 99
  • Screwdrivers
  • 0.95 lbs per ST

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