Bevco A5 - Adjustable Chair Arms for Bevco Chairs

Bevco A5 - Adjustable Chair Arms for Bevco Chairs
Item #: A5-B047

Product Info

Bevco Precision Mfg

The Bevco A5 Adjustable Arms adds arms to a chair.

Available on the following models:

  • 5050CR, 5051CR, 5210CR, 5211CR, 5350CR, 5351CR, 5550CR, 5551CR, 5610CR, 5611CR
  • 9050MC1, 9051MC1, 9350MC1, 9351MC1, 9550MC1, 9551MC1, 9050LC1, 9051LC1, 9350LC1, 9351LC1, 9550LC1, 9551LC1
  • 9050MC2, 9051MC2, 9350MC2, 9351MC2, 9550MC2, 9551MC2, 9050LC2, 9051LC2, 9350LC2, 9351LC2, 9550LC2, 9551LC2
  • 9050MC3, 9051MC3, 9350MC3, 9351MC3, 9550MC3, 9551MC3, 9050LC3, 9051LC3, 9350LC3, 9351LC3, 9550LC3, 9551LC3
  • 9050MC4, 9051MC4, 9350MC4, 9351MC4, 9550MC4, 9551MC4, 9050LC4, 9051LC4, 9350LC4, 9351LC4, 9550LC4, 9551LC4
  • 5000, 5001, 5200, 5300, 5301, 5500, 5501, 5600, 5601
  • 6000, 6001, 6003, 6300, 6301, 6500, 6501
  • 9050M-S, 9051M-S, 9350M-S, 9351M-S, 9550M-S, 9551M-S, 9050L-S, 9051L-S, 9350L-S, 9351L-S, 9550L-S, 9551L-S


Adjustable Chair Arms for Chairs

Item Specifications

  • Arms
  • 8 lbs per ST
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