Bevco ACF-18 - Adjustable 18" Chrome Footring

Bevco ACF-18 - Adjustable 18" Chrome Footring
Item #: ACF-18-B047

Product Info

Bevco Precision Mfg

The Bevco ACF-18 adds an Adjustable 18" Chrome Footring to the chair and is recommended for 5 star base models higher than 19".

Available on the following models:

  • 3050E-F, 3350E-F, 3550E-F, 3050E-V, 3350E-V, 3550E-V
  • 3050CP, 3350C1P, 3550C1P, 3050C1V, 3350C1V, 3550C1V
  • 3050E1V, 3350E1V, 3550E1V, 3210E1V, 3610E1V
  • 3000-P, 3050-P, 3300-P, 3350-P, 3500-P, 3550-P, 3200-P, 3210-P, 3600-P, 3610-P
  • 3000-F, 3050-F, 3300-F, 3350-F, 3500-F, 3550-F, 3200-F, 3210-F, 3600-F, 3610-F
  • 3000-V, 3050-V, 3300-V, 3500-V, 3550-V, 3200-V, 3210-V, 3600-V, 3610-V


Adjustable 18" Chrome Footring

Item Specifications

  • Footrings
  • 3 lbs per EA
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