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The ACL Staticide ACL 750WS Combo-Tester measures electrical resistance of wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and individually. The ACL 750 can do what pass/fail testers cannot: give actual resistance readings and store data. When the software is used, test results are stored on a computer which allows you to monitor and analyze test information and help manage your company's static control program. Results from each test can be stored in a computer for up to one year. Creating reports will help guide your internal policies and improve your company's productivity. Reporting will direct your attention to problem work areas, employees who routinely fail, trends over time, and so much more. The ACL Staticide ACL 750 Combo-Tester is so simple, yet so sophisticated! Software provides documentation for ISO 9000.

Combo Tester

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  • Wrist Strap and Footwear Testers
  • 13 lbs per EA

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