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Analysis Envelope

The AIM 8668 Solder Spectro Analysis Envelope is for use with AIM Solder Analysis Program. This is a program of scheduled analyses that can increase wave soldering throughput and reliability and reduce the rework of soldered assemblies. To maintain solder purity, a program of regularly scheduled pot analysis is recommended. This program allows customers to track solder pot impurities for conformance to IPC and/or internal requirements.

The Spectro Analysis Envelope is used to submit a 1" wide x 2" long or 200-gram sample to AIM for analysis. Samples can be sent to closest AIM facility or directly to AIM Montreal in urgent cases for analysis.

AIM provides a complete quantitative report on solder pot composition for preventive maintenance or for solving specific solder-related problems. Its analytical services are most often used to assure the solder pot has not become contaminated with other metals. The samples are analyzed to determine concentrations for tin and lead and a wide variety of contaminants through the use of analytical spectroscopy.

Spectro Analysis Envelope Leaded

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  • Solder Testing
  • 0.00858 lbs per EA

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