Atrix ATIHCTV5LEAD - HCTV HEPA Vacuum 5-Gallon - 110 V


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Atrix International Inc

The Atrix ATIHCTV5LEAD HCTV HEPA Vacuum is an excellent economical choice where high volumes of toner, developer, soot, dry chemical spills, and other non hazardous particulates need to be vacuumed. The Atrix ATIHCTV5LEAD HCTV HEPA Vacuum is 110 volts and features a 5-gallon capacity filter which is a resalable, disposable filter canister. Also includes with this vacuum is a convenient, freewheeling, detachable roller base. Vacuum comes with standard filter cartridge but a true 5-gallon HEPA filter is available.

Benefits & Features of the Atrix ATIHCTV5LEAD HCTV HEPA Vacuum 5-Gallon:

  • 5-gallon capacity
  • Economical for large volumes
  • Convenient, freewheeling, detachable roller base
  • True 5-gallon HEPA filter available


Hctv Hepa Vacuum 5 Gallon - 110 V

Item Specifications

  • HEPA Vacuums
  • 14 lbs per EA

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