Botron B31250 - Dissipative 3 Layer Rubber Roll - 50' x 2' x 0.12" - Blue

Item #: B31250-B026

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Botron Inc

The Botron B31250 Dissipative 3 Layer Rubber Roll comes with 12 B9701 ground cords and 1 bag of 20 B9866 Universal Snap Kits. Uniquely designed with a inner foam layer, the extra thickness acts as a dampener to absorb and reduce impact trauma of PCBs, while also enhancing the ergonomics of the mat it self. The dissipative rubber top layer provides superior electricals and durability and can withstand hot solder and chemical applications. The conductive underside of the Botron 3 Layer Rubber mat provides an excellent path to ground and can also be used as floor mat. Botron rubber matting is the best value and most versatile ESD table mat for your static sensitive work environment. Exceeds both EOS/ESD and Department of Defense requirements.


Three-Layer Rubber ESD Mat 2' x 50' Blue

Item Specifications

  • Blue
  • 0.12"
  • 50'
  • Rubber
  • 2'
List Price: $575.40
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