Static Solutions BM-3516 - Ohm-Stat™ Benchmount Ground w/Parking System - 4 mm Studs

Item #: BM-3516-S022

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Static Solutions Inc

The Static Solutions BM-3516 Ohm-Stat Benchmount Ground with Parking System offers a wrist strap dock to prevent loss of wrist strap cord when not in use. The BM-3516 mounts under the front end of a workstation to save work space and avoid tangles. It is painted with heavy duty industrial grade paint which reduces paint from chipping and rusting and it includes two banana jacks that provide grounding points for wrist strap cords. To prevent the wires from being shorted, they are insulated with jacket in ground block. The BM-3516 Ohm-Stat Benchmount Ground also includes a ring terminal at the end of the cord, which allows simple attachment to electrical ground.

Bench Block Ground w/4mm Studs and Strap Dock

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