JBC Tools C210-018 - C210 Series Soldering Cartridge - Special - 3.5 mm x 7.6 mm

Item #: C210018-J006

Product Info

JBC Tools USA Inc
C210-018, C210-018-J006, C210018

The JBC Tools C210-018 C210 Soldering Cartridge is appropriate for precision soldering jobs with medium power requirements and due to the size of the cartridge perfect to work with SMD, under a microscope, or with conventional components. The C210 Series cartridges have a tip structure consisting of a chrome layer, tin layer, iron layer, and copper core.

3.4mm x 0.3mm Cartridge

Item Specifications

  • JBC Tools
  • C210 Series
  • 3.5 mm x 7.6 mm
  • Special
  • 3144 lbs per EA

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