JBC Tools C470-030 - C470 Series Soldering Cartridge - Tunnel - 11.2 mm

Item #: C470030-J006

Product Info

JBC Tools USA Inc
C470-030, C470-030-J006, C470030

The JBC Tools C470-030 C470 Soldering Cartridge has a large size and appropriate for intensive soldering purposes and perfect for both SMD and applications with high power requirements. This tip works with any JBC T470 handpiece. The C470 Series tips have a structure that consists of a chrome layer, tin layer, iron layer, and copper core. This tip lasts 5 times longer than other brands due to the exclusive heating system and the sleep and hibernation modes by JBC.

Special Hoof - 7.9 mm x 1.8 mm - HD4700 - DD-1A - DD-1B

Item Specifications

  • JBC Tools
  • C470 Series
  • 11.2 mm
  • Tunnel, Slot and Quad Soldering Tips
  • 0.06 lbs per EA

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