Static Solutions CT-8900 - Ohm-Stat™ Deluxe Combo Wrist & Foot Strap Tester w/Footplate & Stand - Software

Item #: CT-8900-S022

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Static Solutions Inc

The Static Solutions CT-8900 Ohm-Stat Deluxe Combo Wrist and Foot Strap Tester individually and simultaneously tests, prints, stores, and e-mails each wrist strap and heel grounder resistivity value in less than 3 seconds. Used at manufacturing companies internationally and domestically, it offers adjustable limits, exact resistivity readings, unique report generation groups, versatile networking options, an expandable employee log of 30,000 and is foolproof.

It accepts magnetic stripe, barcode, Motorola, Indala, HID, HID iClass, Casi-Rusco, AWID etc. ID cards as well as keyboard entry. Complete with user-friendly software, this unit is the most accurate and thorough combination-data logger available on the market. Ideal for EOS 20/20 class zero and RoHS specified areas.

* In the US.

Deluxe Combotester with Footplate and Stand

Item Specifications

  • Wrist Strap and Footwear Testers
  • Ohm-Stat
  • 23 lbs per EA

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