AIM Solder 20730 - Deox Powder - 2lb/Jar

AIM Solder 20730 - Deox Powder - 2lb/Jar

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Aim Solder 20730 Deox Powder is specially formulated for the purpose of reducing the build-up that often happens to the surfaces of solder pots. This low-dust formula works by converting surface metallics and oxygen into fine powder form, making it a cinch to clean it away from a solder surface. Because 20730 Deox Powder is thermally stable, dross action continues working. Apply to pot surfaces every three to four hours for best results.

Features of the AIM Solder 20730 Deox Powder:

  • Low-dust formulation
  • Low odor
  • Enhance dross reduction
  • Leaves no residue


Deox Powder 2 LB Jars , 5 JR/BX

Item Specifications

  • Deox Powder
  • 2.1 lbs per JR

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