Dazor GC-100-NS - Spectrowave Grading & Display Cabinet - No Side Pads - 6W - White

Item #: GC-100-NS-D016

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Dazor Lighting Technology

The Dazor GC-100-NS Spectrowave Grading & Display Cabinet is a combination of a traditional, northern daylight fluorescent bulb grading box with a short and long wave ultra-violet (UV) detection box. This box can fit many applications from jewelry grading to inspection. This cabinet has an optically diffused, dimmable solid state light engine that emits a smooth 5000K white light having no UV energy, which may also be used to grade in the visible spectrum only. The user can remove the optical diffuser to provide an excellent illumination tool. The GC-100-NS features a universal electronic ballast that provides flicker-free viewing and independent user-control over each illumination source. It also has an instant on/off switch and variable LED intensity of 200-800 foot candles at 4" viewing distance. The walls of this inspection and grading cabinet are made from acrylic and have anti-reflection and anti-glare properties.

Spectrowave Grading & Display Cab - No Side Pads - 6W - Wht

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  • LED
  • White

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