Lindstrom HS6000 - HS Series Multi-Purpose Cutters w/Precision Screw Joint

Item #: HS6000-L002

Product Info

Lindstrom Precision Tools

The Lindstrom HS6000 HS-Series Multi-Purpose Cutter is designed to cut through tough Kevlar fibers, and feature high-carbon steel blades, serrations on one edge, and a precision screw joint. User friendly while optimizing durability and precision, the Lindstrom HS 6000 fits comfortably in both hands. Its ESD-safe non-slip grips cushion the hand.

Applications of the Lindstrom HS6000 HS-Series Multi-Purpose Cutter:

  • Insulation
  • Cables
  • Ties
  • Corded material of all types

Multi Purpose Shear for Kevlar

Item Specifications

  • ESD-Safe
  • HS Series
  • Wire Cutters
  • 0.194 lbs per EA

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