Bevco IBCS-ESD - Dual-Wheel ESD Interval Brake Casters - 5/Set

Item #: IBCS-ESD-B047

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Bevco Precision Mfg

The Bevco IBCS-ESD Dual-Wheel ESD Interval Brake Casters brake the chair when it is empty not allow it to roll away. This item adds 1" to the height of the chair.

Available on the following models:

  • 7050E, 7051E, 7200E, 7201E, 7350E, 7351E, 7550E, 7551E, 7600E, 7601E
  • 8050, 8051, 8200, 8201, 8350, 8351, 8550, 8551, 8600, 8601
  • 9050M-E, 9051M-E, 9350M-E, 9351M-E, 9550M-E, 9551M-E, 9050L-E, 9051L-E, 9350L-E, 9351L-E, 9550L-E, 9551L-E
  • 4050ECR, 4051ECR, 4210ECR, 4211ECR, 4211ECR, 4351ECR, 4550ECR, 4551ECR, 4610ECR, 4611ECR
  • 5050ECR, 5051ECR, 5210ECR, 5211ECR, 5350ECR, 5351ECR, 5550ECR, 5551ECR, 5610ECR, 5611ECR
  • 7050ECR, 7051ECR, 7200ECR, 7201ECR, 7350ECR, 7351ECR, 7550ECR, 7551ECR, 7600ECR, 7601ECR
  • 9050ME1, 9051ME1, 9350ME1, 9351ME1, 9550ME1, 9551ME1, 9050LE1, 9051LE1, 9350LE1, 9351LE1, 9550LE1, 9551LE1
  • 9050ME2, 9051ME2, 9350ME2, 9351ME2, 9550ME2, 9551ME2, 9050LE2, 9051LE2, 9350LE2, 9351LE2, 9550LE2, 9551LE2
  • 9050ME3, 9051ME3, 9350ME3, 9351ME3, 9550ME3, 9551ME3, 9050LE3, 9051LE3, 9350LE3, 9351LE3, 9550LE3, 9551LE3
  • 9050ME4, 9051ME4, 9350ME4, 9351ME4, 9550ME4, 9551ME4, 9050LE4, 9051LE4, 9350LE4, 9351LE4, 9550LE4, 9551LE4

Dual-Wheel ESD Interval Brake Casters - 5/Set

Item Specifications

  • Casters
  • ESD-Safe
  • 5 per set
  • 2 lbs per EA

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