Insize ISR-C002 - Roughness Tester - 5.55" x 2.16" x 1.57"

Item #: ISR-C002-I090

Product Info

Insize Inc (USA)

When it’s time to test the roughness of any surface, the Insize ISR-C002 Roughness Tester is ready for precision testing action. Enjoy the convenience of having 21 roughness parameters available in a single testing unit. Test results are easy to store in its memory and there is room for up to 100 test results. Roughness values are displayed as well as curve and profile. Unit connects with Bluetooth for printer copies.

Benefits & Features of the Insize ISR-C002 Roughness Tester:

  • 21 roughness parameters
  • Connected with printer via Bluetooth
  • Display roughness values, profile and curve
  • Memory of maximum 100 results
  • Automatic power shut off


Roughness Tester - 5.55" x 2.16" x 1.57"

Item Specifications

  • Gages and Protractors
  • 4.08 lbs per EA
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