Jensen Global JG27-0.5HPX - High Precision Polished 27-Gauge Needle - 50/Box

Item #: JG27-05HPX-J004

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Jensen Global Inc

The Jensen Global JG27-0.5HPX High-Precision Polished 27-Gauge Needle has a polypropylene-plastic threaded hub with burr-free passivated stainless steel canula and is bonded with a UV-cured adhesive. The JG27-0.5HPX is manufactured using a silicone-free process. This item is for industrial use only.

Note: All Jensen Global needles, syringes, and products are for industrial use. They are not sharp, non-sterile, and not for medical use.

Benefits & Features of the Jensen Global JG27-0.5HPX High Precision Polished 27-Gauge Needle:

  • Blunt Tip
  • Polypropylene-plastic threaded hub
  • Burr-free passivated stainless steel canula
  • Bonded with a UV-cured adhesive
  • NT High-Precision Series

High Precision Polished 27 Gauge Needle - 50/BX

Item Specifications

  • 50 per box
  • NT High Precision Series
  • 27-Gauge
  • 0.5"
  • High Precision Dispensing Needles
  • 0.12 lbs per BX

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