MicroCare MCC-BK3 - Bench Mounting Kit - Static Safe

Item #: MCC-BK3-M028

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MicroCare Corporation

The MicroCare MCC-BK3 Bench Mounting Kit is designed for use with the SolventMiser Trigger Grip systems and the alternative solvents from MicroCare. The Bench Mounting Kit holds both the canister and the Trigger Grip neatly at the workbench. It minimizes stress on the Trigger Grip hose, so each Trigger Grip will last longer. It also keep the cans from tipping and falling over, which can break the tops off the cans and could be a safety hazard.

Note: The new "BK3" version of the Bench Mounting Kit is required to work with the new, more ergonomic Trigger Grip system. If you have older versions that do not fit, MicroCare will provide replacements parts free of charge. Contact MicroCare for details.

Bench Mounting Kit,Static Safe

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