MicroCare MCC-PROW - ProClean™ Presatured Stencil Wipes - 30 oz - 100/Bucket

Item #: MCC-PROW-M028

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MicroCare Corporation

The MicroCare MCC-PROW ProClean™ Presatured Stencil Wipes contain a mild flux remover that makes electronic circuit cleaning fast and easy. Made from an ultra-pure blend of water-free alcohols, it is stronger and more aggressive than ordinary alcohol cleaners ("IPAs"). Pure and almost completely water-free (unlike ordinary IPAs) ProClean delivers excellent cleaning at a very affordable price. It can be used on all types of electronics rework and repair but may not be strong enough for some lead-free applications. It is mil-spec approved for use on military electronics. No rinsing is required. Completely ozone-safe.

MicroCare MCC-PROW ProClean™ Presatured Stencil Wipes feature MicroCare's unique "slam-shut" packaging. Most companies presat wipes are sold in loosely-fitting packaging that allows the solvent to dry out over time. But MicroCare's presat wipes are hermetically sealed and have the industry's longest shelf-life. And, once you have opened the package and removed a wipe, the spring-loaded dispenser slams shut, trapping the next wipe and the solvent inside the tub. This minimizes evaporation and keeps the wipe wet for months.

Pro Clean Flux Remover Pre- Saturated Wipes 100/Tub

Item Specifications

  • 9"
  • 300 per pack
  • 30 oz
  • 9"
  • Presaturated Wipes
  • 2 lbs per EA

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