MicroCare MCC-ROC - Reflow Oven Cleaner - 12 oz

MicroCare MCC-ROC - Reflow Oven Cleaner - 12 oz
Item #: MCC-ROC-M028

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MicroCare Corporation

The MicroCare MCC-ROC Reflow Oven Cleaner is an aggressive, nonflammable, slow-drying solvent engineered specifically to remove baked-on fluxes from inside wave solder machines and reflow ovens. This cleaner becomes more active when heated, just as warm water cleans better than cold water. This means the Reflow Oven Cleaner can use the heat of the oven or wave solder machine to warm itself, thereby boosting its cleaning power so flux residues just slip away with little elbow grease. Since most reflow ovens are already warm, using that latent heat makes the cleaning process faster and the results better. When compared to flammable alcohol cleaners, the Reflow Oven Cleaner slashes cleaning times 50% while improving results. It's amazing to see--even the thickest, blackest, most ugly residues just melt away with almost no effort.

This powerful cleaner should be used as part of the regular maintenance program for your soldering systems. This cleaner dissolves the conveyor-clogging flux residues inside the ovens. The convenient, adjustable pump spray makes cleaning easy and fast. The solvent is safe on pallets, baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains, pulleys, drive gears and housings. Rinsing is never required.

Benefits & Features of the MicroCare MCC-ROC Reflow Oven Cleaner:

  • Powerful cleaner that uses the heat of the oven to speed cleaning
  • Great on ovens, wave solder machines, pallets, conveyors, etc.
  • Non-flammable, for maximum safety
  • Slower-drying for just the right tack time

Reflow Oven Cleaner 12 oz Pump Spray 10/Case

Item Specifications

  • Clear
  • 12 oz
  • 7.4 lbs per EA

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