MicroCare MCC-SPRP - SuprClean™ Defluxer - 5 Gallon Pail

MicroCare MCC-SPRP - SuprClean™ Defluxer - 5 Gallon Pail
Item #: MCC-SPRP-M028

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MicroCare Corporation

The MicroCare MCC-SPRP SuprClean™ Defluxer is engineered to be one of the electronics industry's most powerful benchtop defluxers and cleaners. Ideal for heavy-duty jobs such as SMT defluxing, removing conformal coatings or defluxing lead-free flux, it quickly rinses dirt, moisture, dust and oxides from elecronic components. SuprClean also is versatile -- it cleans under tight fitting chips, electrical connectors and motor windings. Use on all circuit boards, hybrids, connectors and soldered connections. Non-corrosive MicroCare MCC-SPRP SuprClean™ Defluxer dries instantly, has low odor and is nonflammable. SuprClean is safe on most components, insulators and connectors but may attack soft plastics; test before use.

Benefits & Features of the MicroCare MCC-SPRP SuprClean™ Defluxer:

  • Huge cleaning power on fluxes and pastes
  • Double-duty as powerful degreaser
  • Low aroma, no residues
  • Non-flammable
  • Instant drying

SuperClean, 5gal.

Item Specifications

  • SuprClean
  • 5-Gallons
  • Flux Removers & Defluxers
  • 50 lbs per PL

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