Lindstrom RX8160 - RX Series Micro-Bevel Cutters - Large Head - Ergonomic Handles - 12-26 Gauge Cutting Capacity - 5.8" L

Item #: RX8160-L002

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Lindstrom Precision Tools

The Lindstrom RX8160 RX-Series Micro-Bevel Cutter remains the leader in ultimate performance, precision, and comfort. All RX-Series cutters are designed with a slightly rounded and wide profile, which create exellent surface distribution and contact. The RX8160 features ESD-Safe Grips to address static dissipation and EMI/RFI Shielding. Lindstrom's RX-Series cutters also feature the patented BioSpring®. This BioSpring provides the user the ability to adjust the tension to suit their preference via three different ports. The RX8160 is made of 1% Carbon/Chrome Ball Bearing Grade Steel, which is ideal for high-stress applications. They are impact resistant and resilient with smoother, cleaner penetration at the cutting edge and also have a 63-65 HRC Cutting Edge, which results in a longer lasting tool.

RX Micro-Bevel Cutter Large Head

Item Specifications

  • Semi-Flush
  • ESD-Safe
  • 5.43"
  • RX Series
  • Wire Cutters
  • 0.214 lbs per EA

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