Static Solutions SP-102 - Ground Checker w/Ohm-Stat WS-1020 Wrist Strap

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Static Solutions Inc

The Static Solutions SP-102 Ground Checker w/Ohm-Stat WS-1020 Wrist Strap grounds a user wearing an ESD wrist strap and analyzes the grounding correctness of a single operator through a 3-prong 120v power receptacle. This unit provides proper grounding while preventing new charges from accumulating, and is an easy-to-use field service tool. The SP-102 consists of a WS-1020 Ohm-Stat Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap that plugs in easily to the SP-101 circuit tester/grounding plug. The SP-101 tester provides a hard ground to an electrical system to drain charges away from user and is made from a tough impact-resistant polymer that is ultrasonically welded for added protection against water. It also features high-visibility, long-life LED indicator lights with wrap-around lenses to supply visual proof of a correct ground, or any common ground faults, at any angle.

*Warning: Always test on a known circuit before use in order to assure the unit is in operating condition. Plug into proper power receptacle. The combination of lights determines wiring condition. Please see label for explanation of LED combination displays.

Electrical Ground Checker w/ Ohm-Stat WS-1020 Wrist Strap

Item Specifications

  • Receptacle Ground and Circuit Testers
  • Wrist Straps
  • 0.25 lbs per EA

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