JBC Soldering Station

Wide Selection of JBC Soldering Stations

  • Fast heat up time using exclusive heating system
  • Increased efficiency
  • Longer tip life (up to 5 times longer)
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Ability to manage multiple stations

The JBC Tool Soldering Stations offer many benefits, available in different configurations these soldering stations offer top of the line quality worldwide. Using JBC’s exclusive heating system these stations heat up quickly and accurately to 350°C instantly unlike other stations. Also featured on all JBC soldering stations is it’s intelligent sleep and hibernation modes.

The sleep function of the JBC Soldering Stations automatically reduce the tip temperature to 180°C when the iron is in the stand and will instantly heat back up once the iron is removed. The hibernation mode activates when the set time in the sleep mode is finished and will cut off the tip temperature and keep at room temperature. By using these two function JBC Tools Soldering Stations help extend the life of a soldering tip by 5 times longer than other brands on the market.

Other features of the JBC soldering stations is the quick cartridge extractor, which saves time and increases productivity. Available on all stands and the JBC compact series stations, this feature allows the user to quickly change the cartridge of a iron in sue safely and without the need to switch off the station. This in turn allows a single station to carry out multiple soldering types simply by changing the soldering tip.

Accessories for the JBC Soldering stations expand wide across many different types including, solder feeders, plug-and-play irons, tip cleaners and much more.

To see more of what JBC Tools offer please see the JBC manufacturer page. Q Source has been a trusted and authorized distributor of JBC since 2007 and work closely with them to solve any soldering, desoldering and rework need you may have.

Exclusive Heating System

The system recovers tip temperature extremely quickly. This increases work efficiency and lowers the soldering temperature.

Sleep & Hibernation

Automatically adjusts temperature to preserve tip life when iron is not in use

Longer Tip life

last 5 times longer than other brands thanks to the Exclusive Heating System and the Intelligent Heat Management: Sleep & Hibernation functions.

JBC Tools DI-1D - Advanced Series Digital Control Unit

Brand/Manufacturer: JBC Tools USA Inc
Manufacturer Part #: DI-1D
SKU: DI-1D-J006

List Price: $730.00
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