Vision Engineering Lynx Evo

High Productivity eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope

  • Stunning eyepiece-less 3D Stereo Imaging
  • Natural view of the subject
  • Ability to wear glasses
  • Protection against cross-infection and sample contamination
  • Ergonomic working position
  • Freedom of head movement
  • Easy hand-eye co-ordination

The Vision Engineering Lynx EVO high productivity eyepiece-less stereo microscope is an advanced system for intricate tasks that require stunning high-resolution 3D viewing. It features unique patented eyepiece-less optics that alleviate strain on the operators by no longer restricting eye movement and allowing fatigue-free operation. It uses Dynascope eyepiece-less technology makes Lynx Evo naturally ergonomic, allowing eyes and hands to work together simplifying precision inspection tasks.

The Vision Engineering Lynx EVO has a modular construction allows for easy addition of accessories, such as HD image capture, 360° rotating viewer, substage illumination and many more options. This complete stereo microscope comes with either an Ergo stand or Multi-axis stand, which offers many benefits.

The Vision Ergo stand provides exceptional stability for high magnification use and has a small footprint making it perfect for those work areas with limited space. An optional transmitted (substage) illumination allows for the viewing of wider range of sample types and it’s floating stage option provides sensitive control to allow samples to be accurately inspected making it perfect for fragile samples or avoiding contamination.

The Vision Engineering Multi-Axis stand is a precise and robust stand that is perfect for industrial applications where maximum work space is desired. It’s available with a platform base or can be mounted directly into the work surface. This stand has an extended reach that permits for the inspection of large samples and features an integrated gas struts. These struts provide a counter balanced adjustability making operation quick and effortless.

Employee safety is Our  Concern.

Companies face challenges in keeping employees safe in the workplace without interrupting the inspection process and productivity.

Microscope eyepieces typically have an eye relief of around 16mm, the operator loses field of view if the eye is further away from the eyepiece. Wearing safety glasses and masks while using eyepiece microscopes results in the eye being placed a lot further away than 16mm.

Our eyepiece-less microscopes can be used even when operators need to wear safety goggles and masks!

Due to the complexity of the Vision Engineering Lynx Evo System we highly recommend you submit a request below so a representive can assist you through the process.

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Popular Applications

  • Quality Control
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Green Technology
  • Electronics Inspection
  • Medical Devices
  • Packaging
  • Stem Cell Research


Call for Pricing
Ships Direct from the Manufacturer*

Call for Pricing
Ships Direct from the Manufacturer*

Call for Pricing
Ships Direct from the Manufacturer*

Call for Pricing
Ships Direct from the Manufacturer*

Call for Pricing
Ships Direct from the Manufacturer*