Vision Engineering Mantis Compact

3D Visual Inspection Microscope

  • 2X, 4X, 6X and 8X quick change magnification options
  • Top of the line ergonomics
  • Fatigue-free viewing for increased productivity and quality
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination for inspection and manipulation tasks
  • Long working distance and large field of view
  • True color, LED illumination with up to 10,000 hours of shadow free viewing
  • Choice of stands to suit any application

The Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Series Visual Inspection System offers unrivalled 3D imaging with clarity and comfort. Using eyepiece-less technology the operators will have a more natural viewing experience and fatigue-free viewing making them more productive and providing a more efficient, more accurate outcome. The Mantis compact series of Vision Engineering provides a wide range of inspection manipulation or rework task and by design is more comfortable to use over a longer period. This visual inspection system is easy to use with the apparent distance to the viewed object image identical to that of the real object, eliminating re-focusing of the operator’s eyes.

The Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Stereo Microscope has a modular design, which allows for many different configurations with a wide range of objective lenses and stands. The stands for this stereo microscope consist of 4 different types to fit any application. The first type of stand called the universal arm is for when simplicity and flexibility is needed. The second type named the articulated arm is perfect for applications that require an extended reach, without comprising stability. The third option for stands is the rigid bench stand, which is used for applications where added stability with substage illumination (optional) is needed. Finally, the floor stand (with articulated arm) is made for inspection where subjects are immobile or require a standing position.

The Mantis Compact Visual Inspection System has been proven to raise the quality of the operators work and helps promote an ergonomic workspace.

Due to the complexity and multiple configuration options we highly recommend you submit a request below prior to ordering so a magnification specialist can assist you through the process of ordering the right inspection system for your specific application.

Case studies have been done by some of Vision Engineering end users and can be found at the following: Case Study 1 (Dental Technicians Raise the Quality of Dental Restoration and Operator Comfort), Case Study 2 (Renishaw gets the perfect dental fit), Case Study 3 (Integration of ergonomic stereo microscopes for inspection results in fast growth for Laritech Inc.) and Case Study 4 (Mantis Elite-Cam stereo microscope aids the success of NEUDose satellite project…).

Popular Applications

  • Precision Magnification Task
  • Quality Control
  • Electronics Inspection
  • Dental Rework
  • Hair Restoration
  • Arts and Antiquities Assessment

List Price: $1,310.00
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