Vision Engineering Mantis Compact

Stereo Microscope with Integrated HD Camera

  • Eyepiece-less design
  • Unbelievable depth perception and 3D viewing
  • Highly ergonomic for greater operator comfort
  • Increased productivity
  • 2X-20X optical magnification options (two position quick change turret)
  • Factory installed HD USB2.0 camera
  • Complete package with image capture and mark-up software
  • Powerful DimensionOne imaging and measurement software available (sold separately)
  • Choice of 4 stands

The Vision Engineering Mantis Elite-Cam 3D Stereo Microscope has changed the world of magnification with it’s ergonomic design and integrated HD camera. Using eyepiece-less technology this complete visual inspection system allows operators to have free range of movement while still seeing exceptional view of their subject. Combined with LED illumination, small footprint and integrated HD camera this system can fit into any application.

This highly rated visual inspection system provides a complete integrated solution using a patented optical design, which allows the operators hands and eyes to work together. This results in increased productivity, throughput, accuracy and reduced scrap and rework. It has 2X-20X magnification options with a quick-change turret that allows users to switch between both low and high magnification task. The Mantis Elite Cam system is perfect for any many applications, from inspection, preparation, rework, and manipulation tasks it provides exceptional hand-eye coordination with easy-to-use imaging software.

The Vision Engineering Mantis Elite Cam Microscope does come provided with image and video capture software and offers powerful imaging, markup and measurement software (sold separately). The uEye software, which is provided with any purchase of the Mantis Elite-Cam provides the ability to quickly and simply add annotations/markup to captured images, image capture in variety of formats, video recording for training purposes, multilingual options, and optimized camera settings for individual applications (white balance, gain, contrast, color channel gain). The DimensionOne software (sold separately) is a more powerful imaging, markup and measurement software that allows for image capture with a click of the mouse, annotation (with palette of colors for maximum contrast), Dimension and on-screen measurement tools (please see more DimensionOne details here), ability to send via email or print it, and multilingual options.

The four stand options available for this system are the universal arm, rigid bench stand, articulated arm, floor stand. The universal stand is for simplicity and flexibility, the rigid bench stand is for use when added stability and the need for substage illumination may be needed. The third stand the articulated arm is perfect for applications that require an extended reach, without compromising stability (optional links sold separately). The final stand option the floor stand (with articulating arm) is for inspection where subjects are immobile or require a standing position.

Due to the complexity and multiple configuration options we highly recommend you submit a request below prior to ordering so a magnification specialist can assist you through the process of ordering the right inspection system for your specific application.

Case studies have been done by some of Vision Engineering end users and can be found at the following: Case Study 1 (Dental Technicians Raise the Quality of Dental Restoration and Operator Comfort), Case Study 2 (Renishaw gets the perfect dental fit), Case Study 3 (Integration of ergonomic stereo microscopes for inspection results in fast growth for Laritech Inc.), Case Study 4 (Mantis Elite-Cam stereo microscope aids the success of NEUDose satellite project…).

Vision Engineering MHD001 - Mantis Elite-Cam HD Stereo Microscope - Head Only

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: MHD001
SKU: MHD001-V016

List Price: $4,543.00
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