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Handheld Digital Inspection Devices

Handheld Digital Inspection

Handheld digital inspection tools provide the extreme magnification required to examine product components. Portable digital magnifiers and other handheld inspection devices are essential tools in the manufacturing industry with a wide range of uses and benefits.

Getting up-close with different products is vital to make needed repairs, and it’s also crucial to ensure top-of-the-line quality control for outgoing products. Handheld inspection devices make the task easy and convenient, especially when they come with a lineup of useful features.

You’ll find visual inspection tool features such as ergonomically designed handles, magnifiers lighted with LEDs, and instant on-screen measurement. Combined with image-capture software, some devices even have the capability to record and trace hundreds of images with date stamps. With all these amazing features, you’re likely to find a reason to need a handheld digital inspection tool if you’re not in the market for one already. 

Lighting, Magnification and Inspection/Handheld Digital Inspection 
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