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Floor and Table Matting, ESD-Safe

If you're shopping for industrial-strength floor and table matting, look no further than Q Source. Here you’ll find a vast selection to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for matting for a new office space or replacing worn matting in your lab or production facility.

As with all the products at Q Source, our matting comes from leading industry names you trust. These include 3M, Liberty IndustriesWearwellTransforming Technologies, among others.

Safety floor matting is one of the most important workplace elements, and we have a massive collection in stock. Options include anti-fatigue mats, ESD-safe and static-dissipative mats, entrance mats, and field service mats.

In addition to our ESD floor matting and accessories, you’ll also find ESD table mats. With dozens of options made of either rubber of vinyl, you’re apt to find the size and style that best suits your specific needs.

Other safety mat options include drawer liners, tray liner mats, a variety of stand-alone and interlocking floor tiles, and field service mats. We also carry tacky mats, specifically designed with thin layers of adhesive-coated polyethylene film to remove particulates from shoes and cart wheels.

Feel free to browse the floor and table matting on your own, or reach out to our matting experts. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect industrial and commercial mat solution. Call 855-944-0693 for further assistance with any questions or suggestions.

Q Source is here to help ensure your workplace achieves and maintains the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and productivity. Place your order today.

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