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Industrial LED Lighting, Magnification, and Inspection Systems

Enhance the illumination and visibility in your workspace with high-end lighting, magnification, and inspection products from Q Source. Here you’ll find a range of top-notch products from some of the top industrial LED lighting, magnification, and inspection innovators in the industry. Manufacturers include Daylight Company LLC®Scienscope International®UNITRON®, and Vision Engineering®ll also find products from Waldmann Lighting Group® and O.C. White’s® Green-Lite Magnifiers.

The O.C. White collection features an array of task light magnifiers and magnification lights for illuminating those intricate tasks that require concentration and precision. Lighted magnifiers can make a big difference when it comes to avoiding eyestrain and eye fatigue.

If your workplace requires outfitting workstations with industrial inspection lighting, Q Source has a wide selection of professional-quality industrial-LED lighting fixtures that are more than up to the task. You’ll find flat mount and adjustable angle styles, with surface mount or recessed mount options so you get the best lighting for visual inspection in your space.

Our lineup of lightboxes and color viewing stations are ideal for tasks that require optimum precision, while our overhead and task lighting provide generous illumination for an entire workplace or specific station.

Our magnifiers and microscopes let you get up close and personal with the task at hand, with dozens of options in stock. Video visual inspection systems are also in our collection, as is the software that helps deliver high-quality, thorough results.

Don’t forget the generous array of lighting, microscope, and magnifier replacement parts and accessories to keep your systems in top working order. Shop the vast selection of lighting, magnification, and inspection systems at Q Source, and place your order today.
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