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Q Source works with dozens of quality and top name manufacturers to bring you the products you need at the best prices. If you don't see a brand you like below, please contact us. Download our line card

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ACL Staticide

ACL Staticide - Since 1969, ACL Incorporated has been a developer of innovative products to help eliminate static problems. The brand name Staticide® has become synonymous with reliable cost-effective static protection. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of ACL Staticide products since 2003.


AcroMat - Since 2005, AcroMat makes products that have a significant impact to the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees everywhere. Their anti-fatigue mat solutions are designed with today's work ever demanding environments in mind.

Aigner Index

Aigner Index, Inc. - Supplies superior labeling products to solve all your labeling needs—on shelves, bins, drawers, shelving, above or below sight line, wire shelving, or pallet racks. Specializing in new product innovation and providing quality products at competitive prices. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Aigner Index products since 2003.

AIM Solder

AIM Solder - Founded in 1936, AIM has evolved into a leading global supplier of soldering materials to the electronic assembly, PC fabrication & component production industries. AIM's product line includes solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder & anodes, adhesives, preforms, and specialty joining materials such as gold and indium alloys. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of AIM products since 2009.

Argon Masking

Argon Masking, Inc. - A leading manufacturer of masking supplies. Their extensive product offerings include: tapes, die cut shapes, plugs, caps, silicone tubes, hooks, custom molds, dispensers & starter kits. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Argon Masking products since 1998.


ASG - A leading manufacturer of products and solutions focused around assembly. Their extensive product line includes torque-controlled electric screwdrivers, automation products, production aides, inspection & testing, and other complimentary products. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of ASG products since 1993.

Atrix International

Atrix International, Inc. - A leading manufacturer of vacuum types which include: HEPA & ULPA vacuums, electronic vacuums, healthcare & MRI vacuums, toner vacuums, office vacuums, cleanroom vacuums, integrated pest management (bug) vacuums, backpack vacuums, and the new Mighty Mouth upright vacuum. Q Source has been a distributor of Atrix International products since 2003.

Aven Tools

Aven Tools - Manufacturing high-performance microscopy, inspection, and precision assembly tools for use in the industrial marketplace since 1983. Their products include stationary/portable microscopes, video inspection systems, specialty high-res digital & video cameras, lenses, illuminated magnifiers, image analysis software and precision tools.


Berkshire Corporation
- Manufacturing cleanroom supplies and contamination control products for critical surfaces and controlled environments since the mid-1960s.


Bevco Ergonomic Seating - Has more than 70 years of history designing and manufacturing quality ergonomic seating solutions. Their wide selection of chairs for office, industrial, technology, and laboratory applications include options for ESD control, cleanroom critical environments, and ESD/cleanroom combination. Bevco seating solutions are highly customizable. Build yours today!


BioFit Engineered Products are designed to meet the demands of the most discerning industries. It is a well recognized manufacturer of seating used in laboratories, healthcare facilities, schools, clean rooms and precision assembly operations. Build your custom seating solution today!


Botron - A provider of ESD-safe and static-control equipment. They have serviced the EOS/ESD Industry since the 1980s. Botron’s goal is to consistently offer the highest quality products at the lowest price. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Botron products since 2002.


Brady - Offers a fully-integrated, high-quality solution for identification and workplace safety, complete with label printers, materials, signs, software, and safety solutions. Q Source, Inc. is proud to have developed a long-time relationship as a Brady distributor dating back to 1984.

Branson | Emerson

Branson | Emerson - Emerson's diverse brands excel in optimizing performance across measurement instrumentation technologies, actuation solutions, control and safety systems, operations management, and beyond. Manufacturers globally trust Emerson as their go-to partner for tackling complex challenges in plastic joining, metal welding, and cleaning applications.

C.C Steven and Associates, Inc

C.C Steven and Associates, Inc - For more than 35 years, C.C. Steven & Associates has created static mitigation and manufacturing solutions. Used in a wide range of industries, their static and particulate control product categories include electronic ESD control, industrial static control, cleanroom manufacturing, compressed air, specialty carts, and express mailers. C.C. Steven & Associates is headquartered in Ventura, CA.


Chemtronics - Since 1958, Chemtronics has been at the forefront of electronics maintenance and repair. Their product offering has grown from a handful of cleaners to a complete line of ultra-pure solvents, clean room-grade swabs and wipes, and precision rework and repair tools for the electrical, electronics, and telecommunications industry.

Conductive Containers Inc (CCI)

Conductive Containers, Inc. (CCI) - Creating static-protective packaging and material handling since 1978. CCI has led the ESD packaging industry from the beginning with innovative ideas including their CORSTAT™ patented conductive corrugated.

Columbia Cleanroom

Columbia Cleanroom has partnered with best-in-class critical environments specializing in Class 10 / ISO 3 cleanroom stationery and consumables. Known as "The Cleanest Printer in North America" they began as a local copy shop in 1980 and expanded that service to cleanrooms 20+ years ago.

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation - Founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of PolyTack peel-off decontamination mats, but soon became a distributor of a complete line of cleanroom supplies and equipment. Their product line includes wipes, mats, and accessories.

Daylight Company

Daylight Company LLC - The market-leading brand of specialty lighting technology for the hobby industry across Europe and is well on their way to making Daylight the No.1 brand for craft lighting. Their aim is to bring Daylight light indoors and give the user the opportunity to get more out of their hobby or work. Q Source has been a distributor of Daylight products since 2010.

Dazor Manufacturing

Dazor Manufacturing - For more than 75 years, Dazor has been known as a premier manufacturer of high-efficiency, low-cost task lighting. Popular with industries such as draftsmen, jewelers, electronic manufacturers, medical professionals & others, their high-quality product line features a variety of hand magnifiers, ESD-safe & standard illuminated magnifiers, light boxes & color viewing stations.

Eagle Thermoplastics

Eagle Thermoplastics, Inc. (ETI) - A manufacturer of weighing accessories and laboratory consumables. They’ve been developing testing and weighing products such as weighing dishes, countertop protectors, beakers, and more for more than twenty years.


EasyBraid - Founded in 1989, EasyBraid is a leading manufacturer of supplies and equipment for the PCB assembly industry. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive solution for quality inspection and repair/rework needs.

Eclipse Enterprises

Eclipse Enterprises, Inc. - Manufactures tool kits, crimpers, pliers, test equipment, cutters, screwdrivers, tweezers, magnification products, and more for end users and distributors in the electronic, networking, electrical, and security fields. Based in Amelia, Virginia, Eclipse Tools has been designing professional-quality tools and accessories since 1997.

Elkay Plastics

Elkay Plastics - Offers flexible packaging solutions with their plastic bag products for a number of industries including industrial, healthcare, food service, and more.


Erem - With more than 40 years of development and innovation, Erem offers Swiss-made, precision-engineered cutters, tweezers & pliers. Erem's high-reputation tools combine operator comfort, ease of use, and are applicable in the fields of medical device manufacturing, electronics, telecommunications, aviation/aerospace, the watch industry, and biology.


Ergomat - Offers superior products and solutions for preventing or eliminating many safety and ergonomic problems. Ergomat's solutions, including the Complete mat, nitrile matting, DuraStripe & the ErgoPerfect chair, help lower worker's compensation, sick leave, and personal injuries while increasing morale, well-being & productivity. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Ergomat products since 2005.


Estatec - Takes pride in being a prominent manufacturer and leading supplier in the realm of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) products. Their core focus revolves around the development, production, and strategic marketing of a comprehensive range of solutions meticulously crafted for optimal control and protection against electrostatic discharge.

Excelta Corporation

Excelta Corporation - An internationally known supplier and manufacturer of precision hand tools as well as custom hand tools for all types of industries including bio-medical manufacturing & research, electronics assembly, military manufacturing & consumer electronics. Q Source, Inc. is proud of their long-time relationship as an Excelta distributor dating back to 1984.

FG Clean Wipes

FG Clean Wipes (Formerly Essentra Porous Technologies) - A leading manufacturer of products that regulate the movements of liquids and vapors. Their wide range of products include nonwoven/polyester knit/presaturated/eco-friendly/validated sterile/sterile alcohol/cloth wipes, swabs & applicators, cleanroom paper & custom rolls.

FG Clean Wipes

Gentex - Enhancing personal protection and situational awareness for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel operating in high performance environments is their number 1 priority.


Gibo/Kodama Chairs - Creates ergonomic chairs with quality components and precise craftsmanship. Their chairs provide hours of support and comfort by accommodating the natural contours of the users’ bodies. Located in Huntington Beach, CA, Gibo/Kodama has been manufacturing production and office chairs since 1989. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Gibo/Kodama products since 1997.

Gordon Brush

Gordon Brush - A global leader in the manufacture of industrial brushes since 1951. They offer standard, special, ESD/anti-static, and custom brushes.


Hakko - For more than 50 years, Hakko has been creating superior quality soldering and desoldering tools, hot air rework stations, smoke and fume extraction systems, technical training classes, and a wide assortment of accessories and related equipment for the electronics, industrial, and hobby industries. Q Source, Inc. started as a Hakko distributor in our founding year of 1984.


Hartco, Inc. - A niche manufacturer of polymer-coated, die-cut & custom-coated products & services including tacky mats, contamination control flooring, sandblast resist, floor cleaners/strippers/restorers & football linings/covers. Their products are used in several industries including automotive, cleanroom, football, sign manufacturing & occupational therapy markets.

IAC Industries

IAC Industries - A manufacturer of industrial workbenches and packaging work stations. Product lines include the Dimension 4 series, Workmaster™ workbench series, and the Multi-Task System. They offer a full line of non-ESD and ESD-safe workbenches and accessories to accommodate any environment. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of IAC Industries products since 1998.

Ideal Industries

Ideal Industries - The IDEAL family of products includes more than 6,000 items; some whose names have become synonymous with their function such as: Wire-Nut® Wire Connectors, Yellow 77® Wire Pulling Lubricant, and T®-Stripper Wire Strippers. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Ideal products since 1994.

Industrial Seating

Industrial Seating, Inc. - A manufacturer of high-quality conductive, cleanroom & standard chairs. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Industrial Seating products since 2007.


INSIZE - Dedicated to supplying top-quality measuring instruments to distributors. Their products include calipers, gages, micrometers, torque testers, hardness testers, microscopes, calibration services, and many other innovative measuring products that meet international standards.

InterMetro (Metro)

InterMetro Industries, Corp. (Metro) - The leader in storage and transport products in the food service, commercial products & health care industries. Their focus is to provide complete solutions that optimize space, improve workflow & ensure safety. Metro's advanced technology provides green, cost effective & innovative products and services across the globe. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Metro products since 1988.

JBC Tools

JBC Tools - A manufacturer of ESD-safe soldering, desoldering, and rework stations, along with a full line of soldering tips, desoldering nozzles & soldering accessories. More than 80 years of experience have placed JBC at the technological forefront of tools for soldering and rework operations in electronics. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of JBC Tools products since 2007.

Jensen Global

Jensen Global - Offers a line of dispensing needles, dispensing syringes, squeeze bottles & other accessories serving a variety of markets including: electronics, industrial, aerospace, life sciences, arts & crafts, hobby, and automotive. With more than 20 years of experience, Jensen Global is an industry leader in dispensing systems, supplies & solutions. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Jensen Global products since 2002.

Keystone Safety

Keystone Safety - Manufactures a variety of durable, cost-effective products for general-purpose use, food processing, cleanroom environments, contamination control, and more. Keystone's high-quality core items include: aprons & sleeves, caps & hair nets, coveralls, lab coats, and shoe covers.

Kolver North America LLC

Kolver North America LLC - With a commitment to delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer support, Kolver swiftly gained a strong foothold in both the European and North American markets.

Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries, Inc. - A manufacturer and distributor of top quality cleanroom and contamination control supplies and accessories throughout the world since 1953. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Liberty Industries products since 1995.

Lindstrom Precision Tools

Lindstrom Precision Tools - Has developed and produced high-precision cutters and pliers since 1856—making them the oldest continuous producer of hand tools in existence. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Lindstrom Precision Tools since 1999.

Luxor Furniture

Luxor - H. Wilson - Manufactures innovative workspace product solutions such as whiteboards/blackboards/glassboards, standup desks, tablet/laptop/chromebook charging carts, utility/audio/visual carts, computer workstations, presentation stations, and more. Their products are used in work-intensive environments for a number of applications.

The Andersen Company

M+A Matting (formerly The Andersen Company) - A leading producer of high-performance mat products for 40 years. Their many popular brands, such as Waterhog, Comfort Flow, Cushion Max, Hog Heaven, and Happy Feet, serve a number of markets including Janitorial/Sanitary Supply, Safety/Industrial, Food Service, Floor Covering & Commercial Catalog.

Master Appliance

Master Appliance - Has a long track record of creating quality industrial heat guns, butane-powered soldering irons & other heat tools. Their heat tools are used in a variety of applications including heating, drying, shrinking, welding, soldering, desoldering & more. Master Appliance, headquartered in Racine, WI, introduced their first product in 1958. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Master Appliance products since 1997.

MB Manufacturing

MB Manufacturing - Creates adjustable and custom fixtures to improve speed and quality in the assembly and production of printed circuit boards. Their products are used for wave and selective soldering, auto-insertion, pick and place, and other electronics production operations.


Metcal - Metcal, a division of OK International, offers an expanded range of bench systems for rework & repair including: soldering/desoldering, advanced package rework, bench-top fume extraction & inspection systems.

MicroCare Corporation

MicroCare Corporation - A leader in the world of precision cleaning, coating, and lubricating. Many of their products were developed to meet customer needs—for example, the Trigger Grip™ dispensing system, which reduces the amount of solvent used during cleaning.

Multisorb Technologies (Filtration Group)

Multisorb Technologies (Filtration Group) - Multisorb Technologies (Filtration Group) is a division in the Filtration Group brand. Committed to a better tomorrow the Filtration Group has found filtration solutions for a wide variety of industries such as automotive, clinical sciences, consumer goods, appliances, electronics, lighting, engineering, food and beverage, industrial, life sciences and telecom.

National Partitions

National Partitions - In-plant modular buildings significantly reduces construction costs, and allows changes in configuration or relocation within the facility,and it can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. These prefab wall systems can go with you or grow with you!

O.C. White

O.C. White Co. - Founded in 1883, O.C. White is a leading supplier of industrial lighting products and microphone arms world-wide. Their engineers design products to provide customers with maximum comfort & utility. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of O.C. White products since 1992.

Olympic Storage

Olympic Storage Company - A manufacturer of shelving and shelving accessories including wall shelves, carts, dunnage racks, security units, tote boxes, shelf mats, and more. Olympic Storage products are used in food service, industrial, healthcare, commercial, and other industries.

Pace Worldwide

Pace Worldwide is a recognized world leader in the development of solutions for the assembly and repair of highly advanced electronics. Their expertise extends back to the dawn of the modern electronics industry.


PanaVise Products, Inc. - A leading manufacturer of work-holding tools, precision vises, circuit board holders & mini arbor presses. They also design and manufacture mounts for mobile electronics, CCTV cameras, home theater & specialty/OEM projects.

Plato (by Techspray)

Plato (by Techspray) - Manufactures long-life, high-quality replacement soldering tips, desoldering tips & various electronic production accessories used in the manufacture and repair of electronic assemblies. Plato is a wholly owned subsidiary of Techspray.

Production Basics

Production Basics - Since 1995, Production Basics has created ergonomic workstations and accessories that inspire productivity. They offer a variety of products that are designed to bring efficiency, productivity & professionalism to the manufacturing, material handling, or laboratory environments. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Production Basics products since 1996.

Protective Industrial Products (PIP)

Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (PIP) - An Albany, NY-based company that is part of a global organization. Since 1984, PIP has operated as a supplier of work gloves to distribution throughout the United States and, in recent years, they’ve expanded distribution worldwide. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of PIP products since 2005.

Puritan Medical Products

Puritan Medical Products - A trusted brand for high-quality, single-use applicators. Since 1919, they've responded to the needs of medical, diagnostic & industrial customers. As a result, their ever-expanding product line uses the most up-to-date materials and manufacturing processes to deliver innovative solutions for even the most demanding applications. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Puritan products since 2001.

Q Source, Inc.

Q Source, Inc. - A solution provider supplier of manufacturing, assembly tools & equipment. Our goal is to provide the best available products for your production process application. Our job is to save you time in your search for the exact product solution you have in mind.

QRP Gloves

QRP - Founded in 1974, QRP, Inc., is a manufacturer of a wide range of gloves and finger cots for a variety of industries. They have developed unique products to protect employees against thermal extremes and against a wide array of chemicals.

Quantum Storage Systems

Quantum Storage Systems - Offering a large collection of bins and bin storage systems. From stackable storage to shelf bins and containers, their injection-molded bins are durable & versatile. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Quantum Storage products since 1997.

R&R Lotion

R&R Lotion, Inc. - For the past 25 years, R&R Lotion has been manufacturing hand lotions, hand cleaners, anti-static spray, hard surface cleaners, anti-bacterial products, blue static-safe bottles & suncare products for outside workers. Their markets include the electronic, pharmaceutical, cleanroom, medical & food handlers environments.

Scienscope International

Scienscope International - The complete inspection solution provider, with product solutions ranging from general purpose optical and video inspection solutions for the electronics and PCB industries to complete inspection solutions including microscopes, measurement systems, machine vision & X-ray technology. Scienscope was founded in 1995 and is based in Chino, CA. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Scienscope products since 2001.


SCS - Offers professional-quality ESD-control and workplace safety solutions. Their professional services can begin with a comprehensive ESD assessment, then on to ESD training and finally product recommendations. Everything from air ionizers, mats, ESD-safe garments, personal grounding items, static shielding bags, constant monitoring devices and more.


Simco-Ion - A leading maker of overhead and benchtop air ionizers, has been providing solutions to electrostatic issues in a wide range of industries since 1936. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Simco-Ion products since 1988.

Simonds Inc.

Simonds Inc. - has been a global leader in the design and manufacturing of cutting and crimping tools since 1967. Located in Southbridge, Massachusetts, their ergonomically designed tools include wire cutters, crimpers, component lead processors, plastic tube cutters, pinch off tools, and related accessories.

Solon Manufacturing

Solon Manufacturing - Founded in 1949, Solon® Manufacturing designs and builds Solon Belleville Springs and Industrial Pressure Controls (including pressure switches) for a various global industries. Solon Manufacturing parts are used in applications where high spring loads are required in very small spaces.


Static Clean International, Inc.
- SCI is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static Control Products. Have static? Static Clean has Solutions roots dating back to 1973. They were the first U.S. company to offer a full line of static control products.

Static Solutions

Static Solutions, Inc. - A proud manufacturer of static control, cleanroom, and maintenance products headquartered in Hudson, MA. Distributed domestically and internationally, Static Solutions has the worldwide presence to satisfy the most distinct ESD need.


StaticStop - Offers environmentally friendly ESD flooring systems that save time, money and easy to install.


Steinel - Q Source has been an official distributor of Steinel America (Steinel) products, including their heat guns, heat blowers & butane torches Since 2009. Steinel was founded in 1959 as a component supplier to electrical equipment manufacturers in Germany. Since then, the highest standards in design and technology have made the Steinel name synonymous with quality and innovation in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Tech Wear

Tech Wear, Inc. - Offering static-control garments to protect your sensitive micro-electronic products from ESD (electrostatic discharge) generated by simple human movement during the manufacturing process. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Tech Wear products since 2002.


TechNiGlove International - A leading manufacturer of disposable gloves for contamination-controlled environments. TechNiGlove's nitrile, sterile nitrile, and latex gloves offer consistent quality for use in cleanrooms, sterile non-medical environments, pharmaceutical, and industrial settings.


Techspray - Formulates, blends & packages a wide variety of chemicals and assorted support products for the electronics industry—both industrial and consumer. The company's emphasis is on quality, customer support, and research & development. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Techspray products since 1999.

Total Source Manufacturing

Total Source Manufacturing - A single-source solution for products including: disposable apparel, gloves, adhesive mats and rollers, cleanroom wipers, electrostatic dissipative devices, finger cots, respirators, safety glasses, hard hats, face shields, & more! Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Total Source Manufacturing products since 2002.

Transforming Technologies

Transforming Technologies - A manufacturer of ESD-safe & static control products, such as wrist straps & ground cords, air ionizers, static testing equipment & ESD-safe anti-fatigue mats. Since 1998, Transforming Technologies, has provided critical solutions to the numerous manufacturing problems associated with static electricity. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Transforming Technologies products since 2009.


Treston (Formerly Sovella) - A manufacturer of ergonomic workstations and modular furniture for numerous industry sectors. Their workspace solutions include workstations, storage solutions, small parts storage, trolleys/carts, assembly line/flow-through shelving, laboratory solutions, and packaging.


Unitron - Specializing in high-quality, precision instruments for industrial, metallurgical, materials science, research & educational applications. Since 1952, Unitron's microscopes and related optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide by a number of prestigious companies such as Intel, Boeing, SONY & Northrop Grumman. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Unitron products since 2009.


Valutek - Founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of quality product solutions for cleanroom and critical environments. Their proven line of wipes, gloves, glove liners, sticky mats, apparel, ESD control, documentation, and cleaning & maintenance items are utilized globally in a number of industries such as pharmaceutical, electronic, and biomedical. Valutek is headquartered in Phoenix.

Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering - Formed in 1958, Vision is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic visual inspection systems, stereo microscopes & non-contact measuring systems, including the Mantis Compact & Elite. They have become one of the world's most innovative and dynamic microscope manufacturers. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Vision Engineering products since 2007.


Vision-Luxo - Well-known in the industry for 70 years, Vision-Luxo is committed to supplying innovative, ergonomic lighting solutions to meet customer requirements for the right light. Focusing on the individual and the importance of how lighting influences our well being, they aim to be a partner in creating comfortable, flexible & stimulating environments.

Waldmann Lighting

Waldmann Lighting Group - Produces a full line of high-quality, energy-efficient LED, fluorescent & halogen lighting designs for a diverse range of architectural, office, medical & industrial applications for both interior and exterior use. They have developed lighting concepts for a wide variety of sectors and applications for more than 50 years. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Waldmann products since 1998.

Waterloo Industries

Waterloo Industries - Manufactures durable chests, cabinets, hand boxes, utility carts, project centers, bulk storage, workbenches, and accessories for the rigors of professional use. Waterloo products are used in a number of industries and feature a well thought out design that creates ease-of-use and better quality.


Wearwell - The category leader in ergonomic and safety matting. They are 100% dedicated to innovation, design, and the creation of products that their customers need to enhance safety and productivity in the workplace. Wearwell is a market innovator. They have created more successful ergonomic and safety mats than the rest of the industry put together. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Wearwell products since 2000.


Weller - Offering expertise from more than 50 years of experience in developing professional soldering tools. Weller offers soldering, desoldering & rework tools for the serious hobbyist and the semi-professional user.

Workrite Ergonomics

Workrite Ergonomics - An industry-leading designer/manufacturer of height-adjustable workcenters and ergonomic office accessories (such as flat-panel monitor support systems and adjustable keyboard platform systems).

Workstation Industries

Workstation Industries - Workstation Industries has 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the United States, they maintain full control over product manufacturing, resulting in some of the best lead times in the industry.


X-Acto - Offering more than 75 years of expertise in creating precision cutting blades and knives. Part of the Elmer’s® family of brands, X-ACTO now applies its experience to its line of office supplies and tools including staplers, sharpeners & trimmers.


Xcelite - Creating high-quality, precision hand tools for 90 years. Xcelite’s industry-known tool kits, nutdrivers, cutters & pliers have long been favorites of electronics technicians and the electronics service industry.


XDry - XDry is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of dry cabinets designed to protect electronic devices, cameras, lenses, and other valuable equipment from moisture, humidity, and dust. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Taiwan.

Xuron Corp

Xuron Corp. - A global leader in the manufacture of ergonomic, electronics-grade hand tools, Xuron Corp. products serve a variety of industries including: Industrial Electronics, Aerospace, Jewelry Manufacturing, Plastics Molding and the Hobbies/Crafts markets. They are world-known as the original inventor of the Micro-Shear® blade by-pass cutting technology. Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Xuron products since 1989.