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Gibo-Kodama Chairs

Gibo/Kodama's ergonomic chairs are created with quality components and feature precise craftsmanship. Their chairs provide hours of support and comfort by accommodating the natural contours of the users' bodies. Located in Huntington Beach, California, Gibo/Kodama has been manufacturing production and office chairs since 1989.

Q Source, Inc. has been a distributor of Gibo/Kodama products since 1997.

Due to the wide variety and modular construction of Gibo/Kodama chairs we only display a handful of popular styles please submit a request for additional assistance.

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Gibo/Kodama CE3500AT-V901-H-01 - Stamina 3000 Cleanroom ESD Bench-Height Chair - Vinyl - Royal Blue

Brand/Manufacturer: Gibo / Kodama Chairs
Manufacturer Part #: CE3500AT-V901-H-07B
SKU: CE3500AT-V901-H-07B-G005

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