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Vision Engineering

Stereo Microscopes & Visual Inspection Systems by Vision Engineering

One of the most innovative microscope manufacturers in the world, Vision Engineering has specialized in next-generation ergonomic stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems since 1958. Their flagship product line is the Vision Engineering Mantis series, a highly advanced 3D visual inspection microscope. The Mantis product family includes the Compact, Elite, and Elite-Cam lines. Vision’s even more powerful microscope models include the Vision Lynx EVO system.

Mantis Compact Inspection Microscope

The Mantis Compact Inspection Microscope from Vision Engineering is a best-in-class 3D microscope that offers 2x-8x quick-change magnification selections and an advanced ergonomic design. The Mantis design decreases fatigue for improved productivity and hand-eye coordination. Other features include “eyepiece-less” technology, true color LED illumination, and up to 10,000 hours of high-quality viewing without shadows.

Mantis Elite Inspection Microscope

The Vision Engineering Mantis Elite microscope, with its 3D eyepiece-less technology and 2x to 20x magnification, lives up to its name. The ergonomic design delivers the highest quality viewing without fatigue, in addition to superior hand-eye coordination, a long working distance and a large field of view. It provides true color LED illumination and shadow-free viewing.

Mantis Elite Cam Stereo Microscope with HD Camera

The Mantis Elite Cam Stereo Microscope from Vision Engineering features an integrated HD USB2 camera with amazing 3D-viewing and depth perception. It’s designed for maximum comfort and improved productivity. Magnification options are 2x-20x, with a quick-change turret. The Mantis Elite Cam is a complete package, with image capture and annotation software.

Vision Engineering Lynx EVO Stereo Microscope

The Lynx EVO Stereo Microscope is an advanced microscope with an eyepiece-less design. It’s specially designed for intricate work that requires high-resolution 3D viewing. This microscope provides superior optical performance with an ergonomic design that enhances user comfort and productivity. Choose from 6x to 60x magnification (240x maximum).

Q Source, Inc., has been a distributor of Vision Engineering products since 2007. We offer their complete line of microscopes and accessories, such as stands, lenses, eye guards, dust covers and, much more.

Vision Engineering Series & Categories

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Vision Engineering S-004 - Boom Stand w/Built-In Focus Control

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: S-004
SKU: S-004-V016


Vision Engineering EVO10 - Lynx EVO System 2 w/Multi-Axis Adjustable Stand

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: EVO10
SKU: EVO10-V016


Vision Engineering MES-005 - Universal Stand for Mantis Elite Series Stereo Microscope

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: MES-005
SKU: MES-005-V016


Vision Engineering MHD001 - Mantis Elite-Cam HD Stereo Microscope - Head Only

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: MHD001
SKU: MHD001-V016


Vision Engineering MCS-005US - Universal Stand for Mantis Compact Series Stereo Microscope

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: MCS-005
SKU: MCS-005-V016

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