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Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering Inc.® is a company that cares, and you’ll find a selection of the brand’s high-end equipment right here at Q Sources. Manufacturing exceptional products is a testament to the dedication of Vision Engineering.

Stereo Microscopes & Visual Inspection Systems by Vision Engineering

One of the most innovative microscope manufacturers in the world, Vision Engineering has specialized in next-generation ergonomic stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems since 1958. Their flagship product line is the Vision Engineering Mantis series, a highly advanced 3D visual inspection microscope. The Classic Mantis microscopes product family includes the Compact, Elite, and Elite-Cam lines. Vision’s even more powerful microscope models include the Vision Lynx EVO system.   See the 3rd Generation of Mantis Products NOW!
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Mantis PIXO | Mantis ERGO | Mantis IOTA

Classic Mantis Compact Inspection Microscope

The Classic Mantis Compact Inspection Microscope from Vision Engineering is a best-in-class 3D microscope that offers 2x to 8x quick-change magnification selections and an advanced ergonomic design. The Mantis design decreases fatigue for improved productivity and hand-eye coordination. Other features include “eyepiece-less” technology, true color LED illumination, and up to 10,000 hours of high-quality viewing without shadows.

Classic Mantis Elite Inspection Microscope

The Vision Engineering Mantis Elite microscope, with its 3D eyepiece-less technology and 2x to 20x magnification, lives up to its name. The ergonomic design delivers the highest quality viewing without fatigue. It also boasts superior hand-eye coordination, a long working distance, and a large field of view. It provides true color LED illumination and shadow-free viewing.

Classic Mantis Elite Cam Stereo Microscope with HD Camera

The Mantis Elite Cam Stereo Microscope from Vision Engineering features an integrated HD USB2 camera with amazing 3D-viewing and depth perception. It’s designed for maximum comfort and improved productivity. Magnification options are 2x to 20x, with a quick-change turret. The Mantis Elite Cam is a complete package, with image capture and annotation software.

Vision Engineering Lynx EVO Stereo Microscope

The Lynx EVO Stereo Microscope is an advanced microscope with an eyepiece-less design. It’s specially designed for intricate work that requires high-resolution 3D viewing. This microscope provides superior optical performance with an ergonomic design that enhances user comfort and productivity. Choose from 6x to 60x magnification (240x maximum).

History of Advanced Technology

Established in 1958 in Surrey, United Kingdom, Vision Engineering Ltd. began by suppling technologically advanced quality control equipment to the defense and aerospace sectors as well as the expanding electronics industry. From 1960 to1970, Vision Engineering products were exported to the U.S. to support the substantial growth in the electronics and defense markets.

Due to the growing demand for Vision Engineering products in the U.S., in 1973 founder Rob Freeman set up a joint venture with Kulicke & Suffa U.S.A. (known as Vision Systems Inc.) for OEM integration and distribution with an office in Ivyland, Penn. In 1974, Vision Systems Inc. became wholly owned by Vision Engineering Ltd. and moved to New York.

A year after its 1981 founding, Vision Engineering Inc. moved to its current location of New Milford, Conn. The building initially housed sales, service, tech support, and a small scale machine shop, set up by Rob and Robin Gable, who had started as an apprentice a in the optical shop in the UK headquarters.

High-Tech Microscopes for Demanding Environments

After 13 years of dedicated work, Vision Engineering revolutionized the microscope industry by introducing Mantis, the first eyepiece-less stereo microscope. Mantis was quickly adopted for assembly and quality control processes worldwide, particularly in the electronics, telecoms, and medical device markets.

As the demand for Mantis inspection systems grew, it became clear to use the facility in New Milford as the manufacturing site for Mantis, where it is still manufactured today.

Mantis has gone through many technological advances and has won many awards since its launch. It is known throughout the world as the ergonomic solution to stereo microscopes.

Similarly, the original New Milford site has grown to include sales and marketing, finance, service, and technical support. The original machine shop is now a modern manufacturing facility with a quality lab and cleanroom for assembly. The upgrades allow Vision Engineering to meet the high demands of Mantis as well as other opto-mechanical assemblies and contract manufacturing projects.

Leading-Edge Technologies

In 2019, Vision Engineering expanded its U.S. presence by opening a West Coast Technology Center in Irvine, Calif. This site serves as a support, training, and demonstration venue to bring Vision Engineering’s leading-edge technologies into the hands of potential tech collaborators and customers.

The company attributes their success to looking at the future and developing new technologies to improve quality in manufacturing, by inspection and measurement. 

Mantis Microscope for Sale at Q Source

Browse our collection of Vision Engineering Mantis parts, microscopes, and accessories, and feel free to reach out for additional assistance. We’re dedicated to helping you find what you need to make your jobsite a safer and more productive place. Place your order with Q Source today.

Vision Luxo Industrial Bench Magnifier

Vision Engineering’s collaboration with Luxo Corporation, provides a range of illuminated industrial bench magnifiers offering outstanding performance for a range of manufacturing, assembly and inspection tasks

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Vision Engineering S-241 - Double Arm Boom Stand w/Clamp & Focus Control

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: S-241
SKU: S-241-V016

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Vision Engineering S-009 SX45 Auxiliary Objective - 2.0 x

Vision Engineering S-009 SX45 Auxiliary Objective - 2.0 x

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: S-009
SKU: S-009-V016

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Vision Engineering S-201 - SX45 Elite Stereo Microscope Body - 6.3:1 Zoom Body

Vision Engineering S-201 - SX45 Elite Stereo Microscope Body - 6.3:1 Zoom Body

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: S-201
SKU: S-201-V016

List Price: $1,323.00
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Vision Engineering EVA330 - Q80 White-UV Quadrent Ring-Light

Vision Engineering EVA330 - Q80 White-UV Quadrent Ring-Light

Brand/Manufacturer: Vision Engineering Inc
Manufacturer Part #: EVA330
SKU: EVA330-V016

List Price: $1,712.00
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