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Industrial and ESD Garments Gloves and safety

Keep your employees, yourself, and any workplace visitors safe with the extensive selection of safety ESD garments from Q Source. Whether you’re looking for ESD-safe lab coats, ESD gloves, lab jackets, or head-to-toe cleanroom sets, you’ll find a generous range of protective clothing and accessories to suit your needs.

We’ve got you covered with the best industrial safety gear from top brands like EstatecTech Wear, and Transforming Technologies. Let Q Source be your one-stop source for all types of essential safety garments, from industrial shop coats to coveralls, and boots to hoods.
Protective shoe covers and adjustable hoods are a must for cleanrooms and other sterile environments, and you’ll find a generous selection right here. You’ll likewise find a range of face masks and finger cots for extended coverage.

High-quality protective gloves are another must-have item you’ll find at Q Source. Options here include multipurpose nitrile powder-free gloves, cotton and ESD assembly/inspection gloves, latex gloves, disposable vinyl gloves, and gloves for soldering.

Our protective anti-static workwear, including ESD garments, is made of high-quality materials that meet rigorous standards and strict requirements. Our ESD-safe lab coats, for instance, are made of OFX-100 fabric warranted to meet the National ESD Association's STM 2.1-1997 requirement. It’s designed to maintain sleeve-to-sleeve continuity for a minimum of two years or 100 washes, whichever comes first.

Other safety garments at Q Source are constructed with equally high quality and precision. You’ll find lightweight fabrics with strong protective qualities and features, such as color fastness, dust penetration prevention, and high-quality seams.

Browse the collection to find the garments that suit your specific environment and needs. Then place your order with Q Source today.

Industrial and ESD safe Garments, Gloves and safety