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Heat Sink Compound & Heat Sink Grease

Heat sink compound is a type of sticky paste that’s typically used as an interface between a CPU heat sink and a heat source, like a soldering iron. Heat sink compound is sometimes referred toes thermal grease, thermal compound, CPU grease, heat paste, heat sink paste, or thermal interface material. Whatever you prefer to call it, you can find it at Q Source. Our collection of heat sink compounds are perfect for applications where you need to draw away heat and where you need long-lasting malleability.

Silicone-Free Heat Sink Compound
Silicone-free heat sink compound is a popular choice when soldering on circuit boards. The compound is used when silicone contamination can reduce solderability and increase defects in the final product. Like all heat sink compounds, silicone-free formulas draw away heat and will not separate, harden or crack when in use. Techspray 1978-DP Silicone-Free Heat Sink Compound is an example of a silicone-free formula that’s also non-ozone depleting and is specially formulated for electrical applications. The compound is sold in a four-ounce tube.

Heat Sink Grease
Heat sink grease works similarly to other heat sink compounds, but has the added ability to also act as a lubricant. The grease allows heat to transfer away from electrical components and many formulas are thickened with a metal oxide. Heat sink grease is conductive and can be used a thermal coupler. Like other heat sink products, heat sink grease will not separate when heat is applied. ACL 8699 Heat Sink Grease is a highly effective heat sink grease and is available in a convenient five-ounce tube.

Find quality heat sink compounds and heat sink greases at great prices when you shop at Q Source. We carry all of the bestselling brands like ACL and Techspray to make finding a reliable, affordable heat sink compound easier than ever. Order your favorite heat sink compounds and greases online and get the products you need for building and repairing sensitive electrical components.

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Techspray 1978-DP - Silicone-Free Heat Sink Compound - 4 oz tube

Techspray 1978-DP - Silicone-Free Heat Sink Compound - 4 oz tube

Brand/Manufacturer: Techspray
Manufacturer Part #: 1978-DP
SKU: 1978-DP-T001

List Price: $36.25

ACL 8699 - Heat Sink Grease - 5 oz. Tube - 6/Case

ACL 8699 - Heat Sink Grease - 5 oz. Tube - 6/Case

Brand/Manufacturer: ACL
Manufacturer Part #: 8699
SKU: 8699-A008

List Price: $193.50
Ships Direct from the Manufacturer*