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JBC Tools 0002201 - Compressed Sponge

JBC Tools 0002201 - Compressed Sponge
Item #: 0002201-J006

Product Info

JBC Tools USA Inc

The JBC Tools 0002201 Compressed Sponge allows for the user to continuously clean and reduce wear of soldering tips. The use of a sponge is the least harmful cleaning method and should be used wet with deionized water (water car battery). Using it dry will likely cause the tip to become dirty due to salts in water.

Benefits & Features of the JBC Tools 0002201 Compressed Sponge:

  • Cleans and reduces wear on soldering tips
  • Least harmful cleaning method
  • Should be used with deionized water


Compressed Sponge

Item Specifications

  • Cleaning Sponges
  • 0.02 lbs per EA
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