Master Appliance 10054 - Proseal™ Butt Splice Connector Minipak - 45 Piece

Item #: 10054-M004

Product Info

Master Appliance Corp

The Master Appliance 10054 Proseal™ Butt Splice Connector Minipak Kit is the finest "crimp and heat-seal" connector on the market today. It provides a better wire contact, less voltage drop, and better current flow. The seamless butt connectors and brazed seam rings and spades prevent opening of connector barrel for a stronger crimp. The 10054 has translucent, adhesive-lined heat shrink polyolefin shrink tubing, which does not reduce in length creates better insulation and allows visual inspection after it's finished. This also features different colors to color-code work. These connectors have superior integrity of electrical systems, sealed electrical systems ensure the original integrity of wire connections and wiring harnesses and conforms to OEM standards.

Proseal Butt Splice Connector Minipak - 45/Pieces

Item Specifications

  • 45 Piece
  • Proseal
  • Butt Splice Connectors
  • 1 lbs per EA

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