Steinel 110049879 - Ultimate Butane ThermaTorch™ Kit

Steinel 110049879 - Ultimate Butane ThermaTorch™ Kit
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The Steinel 110049879 Ultimate Butane ThermaTorch Kit includes a cordless butane torch and accessories for professionals seeking to combine performance, versatility, and great value.

The TT 175 ThermaTorch is a butane torch that has an adjustable airflow and flame control. The accessories in the kit can be used for: shrink tubing, installing connectors, desoldering, soldering, cutting, cauterizing, welding, light brazing, loosening rusted bolts, thawing frozen locks, and electronic repair.

Benefits & Features of the Steinel 110049879 Ultimate Butane ThermaTorch™ Kit:

  • Promo Detail Sheet
  • High-grade quality materials and state-of-the-art design
  • Heavy-duty professional tools at an attractive price point
  • Completely portable, multi-function tools for a wide variety of applications
  • Power and durability that gets the job done in industrial applications

Included with the Steinel 110049879 Ultimate Butane ThermaTorch™ Kit:

  • TT 175 ThermaTorch
  • TS 550 Soldering iron
  • TS 20 Deflector
  • TS 23 Chisel
  • TS 29 Spare orifice
  • Tip cleaning sponge
  • Shrink tube assortment
  • Silver case
  • TT 30 Mini torch
  • TS 21 Conical tip
  • TS 25 Hot knife
  • TS 27 Heat blower
  • Hands-free stand
  • Solder dispenser
  • Two 1 oz butance canisters
  • TH 310 Catalytic tip


Ultimate Butane Thermatorch Kit

Item Specifications

  • Butane Torches
  • ThermaTorch
  • 4.8 lbs per EA

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