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SCS 2234 - MagSnap 360 Coil Cord - 0.116 Mono Jack - Angled - Gray Mold- 6'

Item #: 2234-S036

Product Info

SCS, A Division Desco Industries, Inc

The SCS 2234 MagSnap 360 Coil Cord creates a superior electrical connection to eliminate intermittent failures that can occur in traditional snap connections using springs, extend lifespan of the wrist strap, and maintain a 1-5 pound perpendicular breakaway force to prevent accidental disconnects.

Benefits & Features of the SCS 2234 MagSnap 360 Coil Cord:

  • Magnetic Connection Between Wrist Band and Coil Cord - Must be with a MagSnap® 360™ band.
  • Dual Wire Coil Cord - Creates a path-to-ground for an operator with resistance <3.5 x 107ohms per the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20, tested per ANSI/ESD S1.1 or ESD TR53. If one conductor is damaged, the operator will maintain the path-to-ground through the other conductor.
  • 3.5mm Right Angle Mono Plug Connector - Works with standard dual wire monitors and grounding jacks.
  • Relaxed Retraction Coil Cord - Soft pull does not tug on the wearer’s arm.
  • Date Coded - Provided so that the lifespan of the product may be tracked and to ensure quality control.
  • UL Listed - Meets UL requirements to ensure operator safety.
  • Made in the United States of America - This item is made and stocked in Chino, CA


MagSnap 360 Coil Cord - 0.116 Mono Jack - Angled - Gray Mold - 6'

Item Specifications

  • 0.09 lbs per EA
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