SCS 3M034-031-TNG - EM Aware TNG ESD Event Monitor w/Event/Field/Ion Balance & Decay Monitor - 2.20" x 3.15" x 1.60"

Item #: 3M034-031-TNG-S036

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SCS, A Division Desco Industries, Inc

The SCS SCS (3M)034-031-TNG EM Aware TNG ESD Event Monitor w/Event/Field/Ion Balance & Decay Monitor is designed to assess the ESD environment by collecting data and then providing information to make an informed decision on the level of ESD protection needed. This unit will continuously check the environment and verify in real time how effective the current ESD protective measures are. It has an improved design and features a metal case module with a built-in LCD display, joystick control feature, CDM mode to reject non-ESD/EMI events, local or remote antenna, power supply, and communication interface to a PC and data logging software. It's possible to have several EM aware monitors connected to one PC for a more comprehensive analysis. The SCS (3M)034-031-TNG has several key parameters that it's designed to measure for to make the user aware of critical ESD problems. These parameters are ESD events, static voltage, ionzation balance, ionizer decay, and connectivity.

The ESD event parameter will detect ESD events and measure their magnitude in a wide range of sensitivities and provides an event count. The static voltage parameter takes a real time measurement of static voltage dynamics and are done in a wide range that can be adjusted. Ionization balance allows for high sensitivity of the ionizer balance while maintaining a wide range for static voltage. The ionizer decay feature provides an on-going measurement of ionizer decay where sensitive components are handled. The last parameter connectivity will provide outputs for every parameter to all major facility monitoring systems (FMS).

EM Aware TNG ESD Event Monitor Ion Balance & Decay Monitor

Item Specifications

  • ESD Event and EMI Field Detectors
  • 1 lbs per EA

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