Simco 4012209 - orION™ Ionizing Air Nozzle - 7' Cable/Hose Assembly & Optical Sensor - 120V

Item #: 4012209-I051

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Simco-Ion Technology Group

The Simco 4012209 orION Ionizing Air Nozzle is equipped with the Optical Sensor which automatically activates the gun when an object is in range. The Optical Sensor has an "adjustable range" from 1" - 30". The orION Ionizing Air Nozzle provides high performance and reliability in a compact, compressed air nozzle. The orION Ionizing Air Nozzle combines air ionization with a compressed gas stream for "hands-free" fixed position ion delivery. It is ideally suited for use with automated manufacturing processes and product assembly. The orION Ionizing Air Nozzle provides the ability to clean and neutralize static charged items and greatly reduce the attraction of particulate. A filter at the exit of the nozzle ensures delivery of contaminate-free gas during the cleaning and static neutralizing operation.

orION Ionizing Air Nozzle, 7' Cable, 230V, Optical Sensor

Item Specifications

  • Air Ionizer Nozzles
  • orION
  • 7 lbs per EA

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