ACL Staticide 450 - Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator

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The ACL Staticide 450 Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator is perfect for determining the source of electrostatic charges in areas where static is of concern particularly in ionized environments and measures them accurately. The chopper-stabilized circuitry of this unit is immune to interference caused by other ionizers and perfect for use in electronic component production, assembly areas, textiles, packaging, engineering labs, or printing where other ionizers may be present. The ACL Staticide 450 Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator handheld meter can be used to perform surveys and evaluate charge accumulation in electronic manufacturing and industrial operations such as converting, printing, packaging, and plastic processing. Some features included with this handheld static control meter are auto-zeroing and HOLD buttons, and for long-term monitoring a 2.5 mm monaural output jack that provides easy interfacing with a recorder, oscilloscope, or analog automated data acquisition system. The 450 meter has a pulsing beam that allows for precise measurements set at 1" distance in the voltage range of ± 19.99 kV but can also gauge higher voltages at farther distances.

Includes calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

Ionized Environment ElectrostaticLocator

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  • Static Locators and Electrostatic Field Meters
  • 1 lbs per EA

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