AIM Solder 5202 - SN100C® Lead-Free Bar Solder - 2.5 lb Bar Size - 10 Bars/Box

AIM Solder 5202 - SN100C® Lead-Free Bar Solder - 2.5 lb Bar Size - 10 Bars/Box
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The AIM Solder 5202 SN100C is a lead-free solder alloy developed by Nihon Superior in Japan comprised of tin, copper, and a small amount of nickel + germanium. SN100C offers user-friendly properties and has been proven in commercial production for over six years. These advantages allow SN100C to offer high-throughput and the lowest cost of ownership as compared to any other lead-free solder alloy.

Benefits & Features of the AIM Solder 5202 SN100C® Lead-Free Bar Solder:

  • Does not contain silver or bismuth
  • Eutectic alloy
  • Bridge-free and icicle-free soldering
  • Smooth, bright, well-formed fillets, free of gross micro-cracks, irrespective of the cooling rate
  • Good through-hole penetration
  • Good topside fillet formation
  • Dross rate equal or lower than tin-lead solder
  • Does not require a nitrogen atmosphere
  • Does not erode copper from holes, pads, and tracks
  • Low rate of copper leaching makes it easy to control the copper content of the solder bath
  • Lower aggressiveness to stainless steel and other solder pot materials as compared to tin-silver-copper alloys
  • Thermal fatigue resistance and creep strength better than tin-lead
  • Slow, even growth of the intermetallic layer at the solder/substrate interface
  • Performs well in selective and dip soldering


SN100C Bar Solder 2.5 Lb Bar

Item Specifications

  • SN100C
  • 2.5 lb.
  • Bar Solder
  • 27.7 lbs per LB

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