Transforming Technologies BFN 801 - Benchtop AC Ionizer

Item #: BFN-801-T070

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Transforming Technologies LLC

The Transforming Technologies BFN 801 Benchtop AC Ionizer Blower, with inherently stable AC technology, provides excellent balance and rapid charge decay for secure workstation protection. Designed to protect most sensitive electronic devices, the BFN 801 uses corona ionizing technology to continuously produce a balanced output of positive and negative air ions.

BFN series AC ionizers from Transforming Technologies create a dense and well-balanced ionization current. They are unique in their ability to deliver fast decay times with low offset voltages. Continuous balance and decay protection is assured by the reliable AC design. An integrated emitter point cleaner, removable front and rear fan guards, safety switch combine to make the BFN 801 a user friendly ionizer.

Applications of the Transforming Technologies BFN 801 Benchtop AC Ionizer Blower:

  • Electronic assembly
  • Medical device assembly and packaging
  • Semiconductor manufacturing

Benchtop AC Ionizer

Item Specifications

  • Benchtop Air Ionizers
  • ESD-Safe
  • BFN Series
  • 10 lbs per EA

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