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Transforming Technologies CA5003 ESD Calculator

Item #: CA5003-T070

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Transforming Technologies LLC

The Transforming Technologies CA5003 ESD Calculator is perfect for completeing basic math problems with the CA5003 AntiStatic & ESD-Safe Calculator.

It is ideal for use in ESD office areas, electronics sensitive areas, semi-conductors,PCB, LCD, SMT, and more where static electricity may be of concern. The ECA5003 can also be used in Class 10-100 Cleanrooms Determine prices, plan budgets, and handle other math equations with this handheld calculator. The eight-digit display boasts large numbers foreasy reading, and the large buttons let you quickly find the right function for every problem. Solar power with a battery backup ensures uninterrupted use as you work. With a compact size, this calculator fits neatly in a desk drawer or bag for convenient storage.

The CA5003 is injected with an inherently dissipative polymer (IDP) agent, which creates a tight mesh structure in its construction, after being fused with ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material. This ensures the anti-static properties will perform throughout the life of the product.

Benefits & Features of the Transforming Technologies CA5003 ESD Calculator:

  • For Use In Static Sensitive Areas that Require the Use of a Calculator
  • Permanently Dissipative - ESD Properties will Never Expire
  • Labeled with an ESD Symbol
  • Solar Powered
  • Meets industry requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and 1EC61340-5-1 standard


ESD Calculator

Item Specifications

  • 0.50 lbs per EA
List Price: $35.05

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